Regular property maintenance can protect your building against the effects of mold, algae, fungi, and mildew. Once these micro-organisms begin their attack on your home, the effects can be devastating.

The stains and discoloration will obviously detract from the beauty and value of the property, but the threat is much more serious. Many of these parasites will actually break down and corrode the surface of the building and can eventually threaten the structural integrity of the property.

Wm. Munyan Painting Services uses only chemical applications that are safe and approved by the EPA.

Unprotected wood surfaces can become damaged with time. Damage may include; splintering, nail popping, cupping, cracking, discoloration and warping. We will make sure all wood surfaces are adequately protected. We also use specific products to seal and protect surfaces made of stone and cement to prevent cracking, buckling and breakage due to water intrusion.
A regular maintenance program can prevent many potential threats to the long-term integrity and value of your property.

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